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A Very Sad Incident| *Touching Story*

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A very sad incident, *touching story* told by Sheikh Abdul Majid about a man and the sad condition he is

Understanding The Salah| Mufti Ismail Menk

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Understanding the Salah, a reminder from our brother Mufti Ismail Menk about how important it is to understand the meaning

The Strong Orphan| *True Story*

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The strong orphan, a true story narrated by Sheikh about a conversation between Ibn Sireen and an orphan boy who

"Gossip Is A Sin"| Mufti Menk

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Gossip is a sin, a reminder from Mufti Ismail Menk about the danger of gossiping, slandering, backbiting etc.. may Allah

The Easy Punishment| Nouman Ali Khan

25 Views Comments

The easy punishment, a reminder from our brother Nouman Ali Khan about the easy punishment of hell. May Allah (swt)

Choose To Be With Allah| Powerful Reminder

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Choose to be with Allah, a powerful reminder from our brother Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa'eed about the importance of going

Allah Is Such A Giver| *Heart Touching*

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Allah is such a giver, a heart touching reminder about the love and Mercy that Allah (swt) has for us

When The Prophet Returned To Makkah| Legacy Of Muhammad (saw)

18 Views Comments

When the Prophet returned to Makkah - the legacy of Muhammad (saw), a beautiful example of the character and kindness

Dangers Of Jealousy| Powerful Islamic Reminder

46 Views Comments

Dangers of Jealousy, a powerful Islamic remninder from Abdullah Hakim Quick that gives us strong advice on jealousy, arrogance, and

"Be Happy With Your Face"| Mufti Menk

27 Views Comments

Be happy with your face, a reminder from Mufti Ismail Menk that reminds us to be happy with our looks

Advice To Stop Sinning| Islamic Reminder

47 Views Comments

Advice to stop sinning, an Islamic reminder that gives us four pieces of advice about the person that sins a

A Forgiving Lord, Allah (swt)| Inspiring Reminder

35 Views Comments

A forgiving Lord, Allah (swt), an Inspiring reminder about the love Allah has for us and how he forgives his

Death Comes At A Decreed Location| Islamic Reminder

81 Views Comments

Death comes at a decreed location, an Islamic reminder about death and an incident that occurred in the time of

The Ticket To Jannah| Mufti Menk

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The ticket to Jannah, a powerful reminder from Mufti Menk about the importance and the power of Shahada.. May Allah

Allah Cures The Hearts!? Emotional ? Sheikh Shady AlSuleiman ? The Daily Reminder

86 Views Comments

Video Created by iLovUAllah YT ChannelCreator on YouTube : http://goo.gl/O0ylfnSupport The Dawah - Click

Greater Test, Greater Reward!| Mufti Menk

55 Views Comments

Greater test, greater reward! A reminder from brother Mufti Menk about the tests (hardships) that come from Allah (swt) and

You Are The Love Of Your Parents!? Emotional ? The Daily Reminder

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Video Created by iLovUAllah YT ChannelCreator on YouTube : http://goo.gl/O0ylfnSupport The Dawah - Click

Love Of Your Parents| Powerful Reminder

43 Views Comments

Love of your parents, a powerful reminder for all of us about the importance of our parents and the love

Allah Cures The Hearts| Powerful Reminder

26 Views Comments

Allah (swt) cures the hearts, a powerful reminder from Sheikh Sulaiman Shady that reminds us that only Allah (swt) can

Life Is About Change| Amazing Reminder

29 Views Comments

Life is all about change an amazing reminder from our brother Moutasem Al-Hameedi that reminds us to change our selves

Are Rich People Arrogant| Mufti Menk

54 Views Comments

Are rich people arrogant? A short reminder from Mufti Ismail Menk talking about the people that are arrogant and the

Difficulties In Life? *Watch This*| Mufti Menk

34 Views Comments

Difficulties in life? Watch this amazing reminder from brother Mufti Menk which explains to us how a person that has

Judging Others| *Amazing Reminder*

44 Views Comments

Judging others, an amazing reminder from Sheikh Zahir Mahmood about the people that judge others because of how they look,

Appearance Of Angel Of Death| *Beautiful Or Scary*

44 Views Comments

The appearance of the angel of death, to some people it appears to be beautiful to some others it is

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