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Amazing Recitation Surah An-Nazi’at – Qari Sohaib Ahmed Meer Muhammadi

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Promo – What is Islamic Online University

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Islamic Online University – Changing the Nation through EducationFor those who wish to gain authentic Islamic education from the comforts of their homes. A range of globally accredited courses in Islamic Studies...

BA in Islamic Studies – Islamic Online University

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http://www.iou.edu.gmhttp://www.iou-bais.comThe Islamic Online University (IOU) launched the world’s first tuition-free, online Bachelor’s Degree program in Islamic Studies - in English . This is a major s...

Concentration in Salah – Omer El Banna

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Omar El-Banna gives us some advice relating to the condition of the heart when a Muslim is standing in front

Breaking Barriers: Connecting with the Youth – Ehsan Abdullah

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Growing up in the west as a Muslim is a big test, everyone would agree wholeheartedly. With so many

The Night Prayer (Qiyam al Layl) – Omer El Banna

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The night prayer is an important element in perfecting our relationship with Allah, and the practice of Prophet Mohammed (peace

Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection) – Dr. Mohammad Anwar AlMadani

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A beautiful Friday Khutba (Sermon) on the topic Al Meezan - The Scale on the day of Judgement (Yawmal Qiyamah)

What you Prefer Duniya or Hereafter – Omar El Banna

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Jummah Khutnah by Omar El Banna. What you Prefer Duniya or Hereafter?__________________ABOUT THE SPEAKER -After

Salah in Congregation – Omer El Banna

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The need for salah to take place in the congregation is an important step to perfecting our salah. Sheikh Omar

Importance of Salah (Prayer) – Omer El Banna

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Omar El-Banna introduces the need for us to draw closer to Allah through the obligatory act of Salah. He explains

Sunnah and Nafal Prayers – Omer El Banna

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These are the extra prayers that are not obliged upon the Muslim, however are recommended in his or her daily

Jahannam (Hell) – Omar El Banna

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IM Convention 2014: Perth's Largest Islamic Convention____________________ABOUT THE SPEAKER -After completing his Bachelor of Science

Hajj The Pilgrimage – Dr. Muhammed Salah

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Dr. Mohammed Salah introduces how the Kaaba was created by Ibrahim, peace be upon him, relating evidences from the Qur'an

Shahadah (Testimony of Faith) – Dr. Muhammed Salah

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Shahadah (Testimony of Faith) - Dr. Muhammed SalahDr Mohammed Salah introduces the Shahadah, or the Testimony of Faith. This

Gratefulness & Patience – Ehsan Abdullah

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Gratefulness & Patience by Ehsan Abdullah_________________ABOUT THE SPEAKER -Ehsan Abdullah Hannan studied Arabic and Sharīʿah

Female Islamic Scholars – Mustafa Umar

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Female Islamic Scholars by Mustafa Umar_____________ABOUT THE SPEAKER -Mustafa Umar was born and raised in

The Great Favour – Qari Zakaullah Ullah

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Jummah Khutbah - The Great Favour by Qari Zakaullah Ullah____________________ABOUT THE SPEAKER -Qari Zaka'Ullah Saleem

Islamic Online University Showcase

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The Islamic Online University has launched the worlds first tuition-free, online Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies. This path-breaking initiative plans to utilize the worldwide presence of the Internet and advanced ...

Islamic Online University

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Register Today for world's first tuition-free online BA in Islamic Studies at Islamic Online University. For more information click on the below link...http://bais.islamiconlineuniversity.com/