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From a MAFIA lifestyle to ISLAM

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Release of the film Eddie Redzovic's life Story!!! All we ask is that you watch it on our page not uploading it anywhere else and that you help support our efforts http://www.eddiedvd.com/products/donations Thank you!...

Nasheed by Zain Bhikha – Woman I Love | HD

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The album is a contemporary, urban mix with a strong resonance of African culture throughout. The array of songs addresses

Nasheed – One God (Voice Only) – Zain Bhikha ft Khalil Ismail | HD

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This nasheed of Zain Bhikha's HOPE album, inspires us to be in constant remembrance of Allah (SWT). One God, the

Kids Nasheed | A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

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A is for Allah takes its name from the title track written by Yusuf after the birth of his first

Nasheed | Heal the World by Zain Bhikha (Written By Michael Jackson)

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'Heal the World', Zain Bhikha's version of the iconic Michael Jackson song but of course, with an African twist. <br

Nasheed | Cant Take It With You by Zain Bhikha

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"Can't Take It With You"Zain Bhikha featuring Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Abdul Malik AhmadAlbum "Allah Knows"CD

Nasheed | Allah Knows by Zain Bhikha features Dawud Wharnsby Ali

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Allah Knows is a song that motivates all people towards turning to our Creator, knowing that we are never alone

Nasheed | Mum and Dad by Zain Bhikha

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Official Video for Zain Bhikhas Latest release: 1415 The Beginning- Mum and DadThe 2nd of a two part story

Nasheed | I Remember Your Smile by Zain Bhikha

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Official Video for Zain Bhikhas Latest release: 1415 The Beginning- I Rememeber Your Smile. The story told over 2

Nasheed | Forever by Zain Bhikha feat. Muhammad Bhikha

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Forever (2010) from the album "A Way of Life" features a heartfelt duet between father and son, Zain Bhikha and

Nasheed | My Mum Is Amazing by Zain Bhikha – Official Video

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My mum is amazing is a most touching song that tells the story of a little girls day with her

Nasheed | First We Need The Love by Zain Bhikha feat. Rashid Bhikha (Voice Only)

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Official Video from South African Singer-Songwriter Zain Bhikha for the Fifa Football World Cup, taking place in his home country

Nasheed | Mountains of Makkah by Zain Bhikha

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Official Video by Zain Bhikha Studios for Mountains of Makkah, from the Album "Mountains of Makkah". CD available

Nasheed | Eidun Said by Zain Bhikha | HD

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Well-known and much-loved Muslim artist, Zain Bhikha has released the music video for his popular Eid song just in time

Lord of all the Worlds by Zain Bhikha

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A Beautiful English Nasheed "Allahu Ya Allah" by Zain Bhikha. "Album: Faith" [www.alkalam.pk]

Zain Bhikha – Cloud Of Islam Lyrics

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A Nasheed From Brother Zain BhikhaLyrics In The VideoLike & CommentJazakallah For Listening :)

What a Wonderful World

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Nasheed: Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Wonderful World

Glory Be To Allah[Regular Version] By Zain Bhikha

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Wedding Song – Zain Bhikha

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A very unique beat of wedding song.

Zain Bhikha – Allahu Allahu Nasheed

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A beautiful nasheed recited by zain bhikha my aunty also helped in the makingHere's the download link if anyone is interested!http://www.mynasheeds.com/download/N4OIRPui/124/zain-bhikha-allahu-hu-allah/DB2LEADER WILL ...

Zain Bhikha / Album: Our World / Months Of Islam

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with Rashid Ahmed Bhikha ft. Children of Madressah Tul BanaatBismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem These are the Months in Islam: Muharram, Safar, Rabi-ul-Awwal, Rabi-uth-Thaani These are the months in Islam Jumadul Ula, Jumadu...

Zain Bhikha / Album: Our World / Salamun Salaam

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with Khalid BelrhouziArabic chorus:Salamun, salamun, salamun, salam. Salamun, salamun, salamun, salam.Salamun, salamun, salamun, salam. Salamun, salamun, salamun, salam.We made peace a symbol of ours; in the name of p...

Zain Bhikha / Album: Our World / Demedim Mi

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with Hasan KilicatanAllahumma salli ala Muhammad x2Verse 1Güzel asik cevrimiziÇekemezsin demedim mi?Bu bir riza lokmasidirChorusDemedim mi? Demedim mi?Gönül sana söylemedim mi?Demedim mi? De...

Zain Bhikha / Album: Our World / Spread the Word

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We are the Muslim UmmahAnd each day that goes by the harder we tryIn gratitude we pray to AllahChosen as part of the best of MankindWe spread the word of IslamEach minute, Each HourIn awe of His powerEach Flower, Each...

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